Founded in 1957!

Owner Dave Aikman with his first truck


Willowvale Farms Inc., formerly the Dave Aikman Trucking Company, was founded in 1957 in Lafayette, Ohio. Since its inception, we have moved to a larger location in Spencer, Ohio (where we are located today).

Aikman Acres

Willowvale Farms in Spencer, Ohio when it was first purchased

Under the direction of multiple generations of the Aikman family, Willlowvale continues to grow in both size and scope. We haul grain, aggregates, bulk fertilizer, salt, hay, straw, feed ingredients, and other farm related items to and for customers. We proudly serve throughout the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia and Indiana. We also farm approximately 1100 acres throughout the northeastern Ohio region.

Teamwork, reliability and personal service are what have allowed Willowvale to grow to the company it is today. Our dependable service continues to satisfy our new and existing customers, and our excellent customer service sets us apart from other trucking companies.

We take pride in treating our customers like friends, and our employees like family!